Service Provided :

• Draw up Inventory and agree with tenant.

• Forward rent collected to landlord each month, less fees and out-goings. Chase-up rent defaulters. Payment is made directly to your bank account by electronic fund transfer on the last working day of each month, with statement to follow.

• Detailed Property Inspection carried out prior to tenants moving in and property inspected twice annually thereafter. Written Report supplied to Landlord after each inspection.

• Handle day-to-day routine repairs.

• Assist with insurance claims, if any.

• We are the main point of contact for Tenants.

• Where tenants are unsuitable, assist obtaining vacant possession, including dealing with landlord's solicitor where necessary.

• Negotiate Lease Renewals and Rent Reviews.

• Provide Annual Rental Income/Expense Report, if required.

• Inspect the property at the end of the tenancy agreement, checking the inventory. Where damage has been caused above the normal wear and tear, the cost of repair is deducted from the security deposit. Any servicing, repairs etc. which are the landlord’s responsibility are carried out at this time. The property can be placed on our letting lists prior to becoming vacant, to avoid the loss of rental income.

Fee for Management Service 10% (of the monthly rent) + VAT.


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