Service Provided :

• Take full description of the property and give a current rental valuation of the property.

• Check for suitable tenants on our database.

• Advertise your property on internet – with photos.

• Erect a Letting Sign where appropriate.

• Arrange appointments and show prospective tenants the property.

• Handle all negotiations between the landlord and prospective tenants.

• Obtain at least 2 references from each tenant and contact referees.

• Secure 1 advance payment and a security deposit.

• Set up a standing order.

• Contact utility companies with final reading (Electricity, Gas & NTL) and assist new tenants to change supplies into their own names.
Due to increasing difficulties with telephone transfers, we recommend that all Telephone accounts be ceased/discontinued by the present account holder, prior to the reletting of the property,

Fee for Letting Service 6% of the annual rent.

To draw up Lease Agreement €45..+ VAT. (if required)
To draw up inventory € 50 + VAT (if required)


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